Apple accused of illegal distribution of the film
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Apple accused of illegal distribution of the film

Apple is not in China easy life, because at any moment the market may be closed for him because of an official’s view. And this is not a very unlikely scenario, as another example is the lawsuit against the American giant, accused this time of illegal distribution of the film.

China is the second largest market for Apple products, so the American concern has to work there with extreme caution so as not to harm some unintended movement. Still, the company does not have an easy life there, because some time ago the government-run State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television Authority, blocking early access to the iBook Store and iTunes, It was decided that they hurt local businesses.

Now the same body is demanding compensation from Apple for $ 7,500 for allegedly illegal distribution of one of the Chinese films. As a result of the alleged operation of the concern, its distributor has suffered enormous losses and is now demanding to cover them.

It is a 1994 patriotic film titled “Xuebo Dixiao”, which tells the story of a Chinese doctor wishing to open his own hospital, but in the pursuit of this goal disturb the Japanese army. Although the picture has long been available online for free, however, the agency believes that Apple has infringed distribution laws and is trying to justify it in a very twisted manner.

Now in the App Store is available the Youku HD application, which provides access to Yoku, the Chinese equivalent of YouTube, one of the largest sites of this type in China. The video was posted there, and since the app available at Apple Store is free to view, SAPPRFT believes that the Cupertino company is responsible for it and should be punished.