Become a NASA Habitat Designer
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Become a NASA Habitat Designer

The American space agency wants to send a man to Mars in the near future. But before that happens, you need to design a habitat in which astronauts live. NASA has organized a competition called 3D Printed Habitat Challenge, which aims to select the best design of such a cosmic home.

The purpose of the competition is to develop a concept that would send machines to a distant planet and then use it to build shelters for astronauts who will be arriving there in time.

The 3D Printed Habitat Challenge is divided into several stages, while the first phase of the contest involves a project of such shelter and here contestants compete for $ 50,000. The second phase is already much more interesting and needs to develop a way to produce the individual components, from which the entire habitat will be formed.

Here winners are waiting for two awards of $ 1.1 million each, but the challenge is not easy, because the raw materials are locally produced. In short, it’s about building a habitat out of the resources available on the planet, since it’s impossible to deliver them from Earth.

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