Do not be fooled!
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Do not be fooled!

The madness of Christmas shopping is slowing down. Shops have festive decorations, and more and more people are buying gifts online so that all arrive on time. Unfortunately, the pre-Christmas period is also the time of harvest for cybercriminals.

Lots of people buy online gifts, often looking for promotions and special offers. Such shopping confusion is a real paradise for cybercriminals and internet crooks, so it’s worth the wait. This is a cyberbreath pre-holiday guide prepared by Kaspersky Lab experts.

Danger? What threat?

Attackers have at their disposal a whole arsenal of tools that can infect computers and take control of them or encrypt user data, and demand a ransom for access. Do not forget the cumbersome and dangerous spam and phishing attacks that allow cybercriminals to take over user login information for various online services, steal your identity, and ultimately even money from bank accounts.


– Remember phishing links – Do not click on random links received in e-mail, SMS, social networking or instant messengers.

– Create strong passwords – combine letters, numbers and special characters to make it harder to break them.

– Buy on secure sites – before you pay by card in the online store, read the opinions of the company behind it.

– Avoid buying using public Wi-Fi networks – criminals like to bust on unprotected public networks looking for credentials.

– Disable Bluetooth, use cellular network – so your smartphone’s network connection will be much safer.

– Block suspicious free applications – such programs may contain unwanted “freebies”.

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– Watch out for fake messages requesting shipping confirmation – they can be the bait of cybercriminals who count on a quick click of a link.

In addition to the tips mentioned, it’s also worth remembering the basic principle of online shopping and more – if something is too good to be true, it probably is not.