EPItect will detect the onset of epilepsy
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EPItect will detect the onset of epilepsy

The problems encountered by epilepsy patients, especially when an unexpected seizure occurs, are fully understood only by them. Help would be a tool to detect the impending attack so that the sick person can properly prepare for it.

The device is called EPItect and was developed by a team of epileptologists from Bonn University Hospital. The prototype device may be worn by the patient in a similar way as a typical hearing aid, and his task is to monitor the body for an impending epileptic attack.

When the sensor detects, the smartphone transmits information to the central computer via a smartphone to verify the data and confirm the truth. Then a warning is sent to the patient or caregivers, allowing them to take appropriate steps to prepare the patient. This is quite important as epileptic patients often go through very violent attacks, which can cause injury.

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