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“In Volvo cars no one will die”

The Swedish company Volvo has been considered the safest market in the market for years and with a whole range of different safety systems, the driver and passenger have a far greater chance of survival than other brands. Group bosses are not enough, however, and it is unlikely that anyone will ever die in their vehicles.

Lexus Kerssemakers, CEO of Volvo Cars North America, said in a media interview praising the skills and ideas of Swedish engineers. He also assured everyone that by 2020 Volvo vehicles will become so safe that no passenger will die, nor serious injuries to his life.

Of course, the Kerssemakers were primarily concerned with the development of autonomic auto- mate technology, which Volvo is also working on. Vehicles driven by powerful computing power will provide passengers with greater levels of safety, better road safety and traffic safety.

At the same time, the Swedish company intends to continue to develop passenger safety systems that will operate in the background, monitoring the situation on an ongoing basis and, when they sense the imminent danger, will take specific steps to minimize the impact of the collision.

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