IPhone users will get rid of pre-installed applications
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IPhone users will get rid of pre-installed applications

Blootware is one of the biggest problems of today’s smartphones, because they are business applications that we do not normally need, and they are virtually impossible to remove. Fortunately, after Samsung was fined for lack of such capability, other companies are starting to look for solutions to this problem themselves.

Blootware refers to the applications that smartphone manufacturers factory-installed in their memory. These are programs that offer very different functionality, which is rarely useful to the user, and applications only need unnecessary space in the usable memory, and often also consume a data packet. But their removal is very difficult or even impossible.

Fortunately, some smartphone manufacturers have recently been penalized for such practices and have been forced to change their approach to this topic. Other manufacturers are beginning to follow in their footsteps and seek their own solutions to this problem. They are also Apple. In one of the most recent interviews, Tim Cook has reported that the company is considering offering customers the option of deleting factory-installed applications on the iPhone or iPad.

The Cupertino company executive admitted that he was aware that consumers would love to have this opportunity, and that is why Apple is considering this option. However, this is not easy, as some applications are interconnected, so deleting one could cause problems with another. The manufacturer must therefore carefully consider which programs could be removed, avoiding problems.