Modern bicycle navigation
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Modern bicycle navigation

Cyclists moving their two-wheelers increasingly use navigation systems to guide them. There are indeed many GPS navigation models for these vehicles, but there will always be a market place for the next. Especially like SmartHalo.

By moving the bike in a big city, the voice guidance provided by our GPS navigation is poorly heard. Designers of the device called SmartHalo, having designed their invention, decided to modify the way they were presented to be more readable.

The basis of the system is a wireless module installed on the bike wheel that connects to our smartphone. The device works with Google Maps or Waze and guides you to your destination using visual cues. However, there is no LCD screen displaying the map with the highlighted position of the cyclist and arrows telling where to turn. Instead, the upper part of the module incorporates colorful LEDs, which, by highlighting a specific part of the ring, inform the user in what direction he should go.

An additional advantage of this navigation system is also the GPS locator, which will be useful in case the bike has been stolen. Then it will be easy to find him. In addition, the system measures the travel time, distance traveled, and the number of calories burned, so it can also be used for training.

CycleLabs, responsible for SmartHalo, has already collected money on Kickstarter to start production of the device, and its release is scheduled for March next year. The product costs $ 149.