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WebTorrent technology will speed up your web pages

The eternal problem of companies operating on the Internet is the bandwidth of the link, which determines the functionality of their services. Nowadays, a central server is required, from which data is downloaded, and how many people can use it depends on the capacity of the link, which has its limitations. WebTorrent technology may, however, change that.

If we have a website on our site, we need to take care of the high speed links to the server hosting the files, as it depends on the number of visitors who can visit it, and also the speed of its operation. Meanwhile, the amount of data sent on the network grows from year to year, so links are easily clogged, which results in less comfortable use of such a site.

This problem can be remedied by the WebTorrent technology developed by Ferossa Aboukhadijeha, a Stanford University student who combined the Bittorent model with the standard browser. Instead of a central server hosting all the files delivered to the visitors, the visitor downloads a fragment of it. Users are not connected to only one server, but a whole network of computers belonging to different people, which greatly accelerates the operation of such a site, and no longer has a problem with heavy load on the site.

WebTorrent technology can be very useful especially for companies that stream large amounts of data, such as Netflix. In their case peak hours cause heavy strain on the lines and decrease in the quality of services provided. With WebTorrent, there is no such problem, as the file is being downloaded simultaneously from a large number of sources, and the service works the faster, the more people are connected to it.

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Lost AirPod handset can be purchased

Apple confirms that the new AirPod headphones, designed for iPhone 7, will be available for purchase separately. This way, losing one of your handsets will not require you to buy a new set.

Opting out of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 might have been a surprise to some. Unfortunately, this is a new trend, which is also followed by other manufacturers. So we should get used to it.

How about listening to music on the new Apple smartphone? This will not be a hassle, as in the box we find a brand new AirPod wireless headphones, equipped with the company’s W1 chip.

Completely wireless earphones are always a problem for the user, because of the small size and lack of connecting cables, they are often lost. Apple is aware of the distraction of smartphone owners and therefore decided to go to their own hands, offering the option of purchasing a single handset. The manufacturer has confirmed that this can be done at any of his official site.

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NASA is exploring the possibility of mining metal on Mars

The US space agency, along with scientists from the University of Central Florida (UCF), is investigating the possibility of mining metal on the surface of Mars. NASA wants a way to see if it can get building materials in this way.

NASA is still working on a project to send people to Mars, but before this mission comes, many serious problems must be resolved beforehand. The biggest issue is the building materials needed to build habitats for astronauts. They can not be delivered from Earth, because it would be too expensive, so you have to look for them on the spot.

We have already heard of plans to build an ice habitat, but this material is only suitable for small structures and larger buildings need something more solid like metal. NASA, together with specialists from the University of Central Florida, is investigating whether the metal could be used on Mars to be used as a construction material, as well as as a 3D printer material to create the necessary components.

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Magnetic motors for satellites

Every satellite needs fuel for engines that allow it to keep in orbit, and when it’s over, then the device becomes useless. However, the researchers at Celeroton have developed a new type of magnetic engine, designed specifically for satellites, which will significantly extend their useful life.

The launch of a satellite is only part of the task, because it is much more important to keep it in orbit later, as the gravity pulls it very strongly. The satellites must have their own drive, which allows for minor adjustments to the course, but it only runs until the fuel is exhausted and the satellite becomes useless.

This problem was solved by the Chinese who successfully tested the orbital refueling system for a few weeks ago, extending their service life. But this is just one of the ways, as Celeroton’s engineers are equally interesting or even better.

They have developed a flywheel motor that can rotate at speeds up to 150,000 miles. RPM and without any vibration, or the need for a special, fluid environment to provide lubrication. What’s more, the wheel, despite the small size, provides the same momentum as the larger flywheels, so it’s ideal for small CubeSats satellites or other small models.

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IPhone users will get rid of pre-installed applications

Blootware is one of the biggest problems of today’s smartphones, because they are business applications that we do not normally need, and they are virtually impossible to remove. Fortunately, after Samsung was fined for lack of such capability, other companies are starting to look for solutions to this problem themselves.

Blootware refers to the applications that smartphone manufacturers factory-installed in their memory. These are programs that offer very different functionality, which is rarely useful to the user, and applications only need unnecessary space in the usable memory, and often also consume a data packet. But their removal is very difficult or even impossible.

Fortunately, some smartphone manufacturers have recently been penalized for such practices and have been forced to change their approach to this topic. Other manufacturers are beginning to follow in their footsteps and seek their own solutions to this problem. They are also Apple. In one of the most recent interviews, Tim Cook has reported that the company is considering offering customers the option of deleting factory-installed applications on the iPhone or iPad.

The Cupertino company executive admitted that he was aware that consumers would love to have this opportunity, and that is why Apple is considering this option. However, this is not easy, as some applications are interconnected, so deleting one could cause problems with another. The manufacturer must therefore carefully consider which programs could be removed, avoiding problems.

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New Twitter rules for abuse

Twitter is increasing efforts to preserve order and, above all, to make it clear to all users of the portal that any abuse will be severely punished, including account suspension. The company has just introduced a number of new rules that will allow you to stay organized on the site.

Twitter has been a problem for some time with users whose behavior differs from the accepted standards, and their life purpose is to annoy others. At the beginning of the year, the company introduced changes to the rules that would allow it to deal with such cases and now tighten them up.

Updating of the rules introduces new violations for which the user’s account may be suspended temporarily or permanently. These are threats of violence, harassment, hate behavior, publication of private information, mockery, and multiple accounts.

The portal will also deal with feelings of wrongdoing, and if a user considers self-mutilation or suicide, then Twitter will take a number of actions to assist with contact with partners who specialize in mental health.

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Sharp’s universal giant

Equipped with an impressive 70 “diagonal (177 cm) Sharp AQUOS Quattron LC-70LE835E – Official UEFA Euro 2012TM TV – this is the latest Sharp model. With Quattron technology and full LED backlight, the new Sharp LCD TVs offer realistic color and high image quality.

The new Sharp TVs with Quattron 4-color technology and full LED backlighting are designed to provide excellent 2D and 3D image quality and realistic color reproduction. In addition to the Sharp AQUOS Quattron LE835E, the Scanning Backlight 200Hz technology reduces the blur of fast-moving objects. The built-in live pause feature lets you stop TV programs during playback and then play them at a convenient time.

The Sharp AQUOS Quattron 3D LC-70LE835E Shakespeare not only convincingly delivers exceptional image quality and quality. Extensive features transform it into a modern multimedia entertainment center. Through the intelligent AQUOS NET + television platform, viewers gain access to over 50 different applications and individual media outlets, as well as unlimited Internet access. The AQUOS LC-70LE835E TV also features a triple tuner (DVB-T / DVB-C / DVB-S2) and a media player that lets users access photos, videos and music stored on a USB stick or DLNA server on a home network. . The current program offer is available through an Electronic Guidebook (EPG) updated 7 days in advance and available at the touch of a button. Thanks to low energy consumption, the TV meets very stringent criteria for energy class A +.

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The iphon 6 panel was not in Apple’s plans

The official presentation of the iPhone 6 has raised questions about sapphire glass to protect the screen of the smartphone. It turns out that Apple has never considered putting this solution into production.

Even before the official presentation of the iPhone 6 many said that the screen of the new model of the popular smartphone will be protected with sapphire glass. This would be a logical solution as the California corporation already uses this material to cover the camera lens of the iPhone 5s.

Meanwhile, during the conference we learned that iPhone 6 will not be protected by sapphire but reinforced with glass. What happened to the earlier plans? One analyst has suggested earlier that due to Apple’s production problems, he had to abandon the idea. Now Tim Bajarin of Time claims that the Californian company never planned to use the sapphire.

In his opinion there are many reasons why it would not be a good idea. One of them is the design. A sapphire panel would increase the thickness of the phone, which would be contrary to Apple’s strategy of maximizing slimming devices. Another problem would be the price, because the sapphire panel could raise as much as $ 100 the base cost of hardware production.

The next obstacle to using this material is the battery, as the sapphire would increase the brightness of the screen, which would significantly reduce the phone’s operating time. Not to mention that the sapphire is durable, but quite fragile. Its surface is hard and scratch resistant, but dropping the phone to the ground could end up destroying the protective panel, as demonstrated by the tests.

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Netflix with more European production?

Netfix’s offer, or Amazon Prime Video, is primarily for the production of American film studios. Soon, however, this may change, as the European Union is pressing the US streaming service to enrich its offer with more European productions.

According to Reuters, the European Commission is planning to rewrite television broadcasters’ legislation that could seriously change the rules of online video services, stream content to home and mobile devices.

New regulations impose on such services as Netfix and Amazon Prime Video, the obligation to enrich their offer with a greater number of local film productions. The guidelines assume that at least 20% of the content available in the directory of such sites will have to come from European countries.

What’s more, the services will not only have to increase the availability of films produced in the Old Continent, but also invest around 20 percent of their revenue in their purchase, thus supporting the European film industry. Interestingly, the new provision also includes a paragraph banning the use of the so-called. Geoblocking, or treating consumers differently, depending on the country of residence.

As you may have guessed, the American platforms are not too happy with the new rules, and the particular Netlix sees them as a big threat to their business. Site representatives believe that such guidelines can significantly reduce the quality of content offered, and also cause problems with the algorithms responsible for the system of personalized recommendations, reducing the quality of the service provided.