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WebTorrent technology will speed up your web pages

The eternal problem of companies operating on the Internet is the bandwidth of the link, which determines the functionality of their services. Nowadays, a central server is required, from which data is downloaded, and how many people can use it depends on the capacity of the link, which has its limitations. WebTorrent technology may, however, change that.

If we have a website on our site, we need to take care of the high speed links to the server hosting the files, as it depends on the number of visitors who can visit it, and also the speed of its operation. Meanwhile, the amount of data sent on the network grows from year to year, so links are easily clogged, which results in less comfortable use of such a site.

This problem can be remedied by the WebTorrent technology developed by Ferossa Aboukhadijeha, a Stanford University student who combined the Bittorent model with the standard browser. Instead of a central server hosting all the files delivered to the visitors, the visitor downloads a fragment of it. Users are not connected to only one server, but a whole network of computers belonging to different people, which greatly accelerates the operation of such a site, and no longer has a problem with heavy load on the site.

WebTorrent technology can be very useful especially for companies that stream large amounts of data, such as Netflix. In their case peak hours cause heavy strain on the lines and decrease in the quality of services provided. With WebTorrent, there is no such problem, as the file is being downloaded simultaneously from a large number of sources, and the service works the faster, the more people are connected to it.